Saturday, March 31, 2012

Your clock is ticking!

The moment you get married, there is only one burning question in the minds of all of your family and random busybodies in India.

"When are you going to have a baby?"

My typical answer repeated at least a few hundred times was, "Not now! We want to enjoy being married first!" 

Of course in my head I always added, "And remind me again how I know you?"

At first I found it hilarious that folks expected me to get pregnant within the first year of being married. Then I began to find their constant questions irritating and by the third year of my marriage, I found it downright rude and overly intrusive.

Imagine a far flung relative telling you, "You know, you aren't getting any younger. Your clock is ticking."

"But we aren't ready, Aunty!" I'd say. Do you mind?

With over 1.21 billion people according to the 2011 census, you'd think folks in the second most populous country the world over, would at least attempt to dissuade reproduction! But no such luck there. Indians like people everywhere, simply adore babies! Having a baby is seen as the solution to all of life's difficulties.

Granted, we did have it a lot easier than most newly married Indian couples who have to face the baby question almost everyday of their lives. We mostly had to put up with it on the phone or on our yearly trips to India to visit family.

But boy, am I glad I resisted all that pressure and waited the four-and-a-half years to have a baby.

It was time well spent solidifying my marriage and being immersed in the concept of "us". It was time invested in completing our education at Indiana University Bloomington and settling down in beautiful Southern Illinois and making a life here.

My baby girl, M., is two-and-a-half years old today. And she is the most precious gift in my life. She makes me smile every moment I am with her. Life has become more meaningful and beautiful with her in my arms.

But it seems I have somehow gone back to square one. I am now constantly faced with the question, "When  are you having baby #2? Its about time, you know!"

Sorry to disappoint you, but not for a long time, folks!

Welcome to my blog and I hope you check back in often.

I plan to talk about life in beautiful Southern Illinois and what its like to be a permanent resident in a country not your own, raising a house full of pets, a husband and a fighter girl a.k.a. my rambunctious toddler.


  1. Go fighter girl!! :)
    I cringe at the baby question, but realize that I have it much better than many, only fielding it once every little while.

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    1. Nope...really just my two cents!