Friday, April 6, 2012

Glitter-tastic Toddlers and Easter Egg Crafts

Glittery Easter Eggs ready to go home
Its been a glitter-tastic kind of day!

I spent the morning helping a bunch of cute toddlers - ranging in age from 1.5 to 4 - decorate cardboard Easter eggs with plant clippings and glitter.
Glitter, glitter everywhere....not a plant in sight
The kids simply LOVED glitter. And they went to town pouring it all over the eggs and themselves!  

Thankfully I set this up as an outdoor activity at the Parent-Child Collective Little Miss M. attends. So clean-up was easy.

Glittery toddler hands
Believe me, nothing is sweeter than watching two-year-olds sift through mounds of glitter in fascinated wonderment. 

But if you make the mistake of doing a group glitter activity inside your house, you are in BIG trouble. 

The glittery mess we were left with after the activity
Glitter tends to stay in your carpet and floor and no matter how well you vacuum and mop, you'll be cleaning it up for months afterwards. 

Trust me, I figured it out the hard way!

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