Monday, April 2, 2012

Southern Illinois petting zoo

Soaking in the March sunshine in Southern IL
You know something is up when the ticks are out in full force by the end of March!

The news media is reporting record breaking warm weather for March across 90 cities or more in the US.

As I looked at my photo stream from March 2012, I was struck my the number of animals, reptiles, insects and sea life we've been interacting with the whole of March!

We really did take advantage of the sunshine and let Little Miss M. enjoy one of the many perks of living in Southern Illinois: daily interaction with random animal life.

No one would ever guess we don't have a petting zoo out here!

Here's a peek.

Walking our dogs, Pico and Mina, on a warm, sunny day 

M. loves visiting the cows belonging to SIUC's Department of Plant, Soil Science and Agricultural  Systems

Huge garden snake we dug up in the backyard while prepping the soil for our vegetable garden

Baby mouse that one of our dogs brought into the house from the garden

Our cat, Billu, gives M. company right before a lazy afternoon nap

Baby yellow chicks for sale at Rural King Carbondale!

Feeding the free range hens and roosters at Dayempur Farm

Catching a fish and releasing it at Dayempur Farm's scenic fishing pond
Stunning peacock at Dayempur Farm

Bunny play date at The Science Center in Carbondale


  1. Poornima! That snake is not an ordinary garden snake! Oh my gosh! Also, N with the fish made me laugh a little. He's such a natural. :)

    1. Really?!!! I checked with J. and he seemed to agree it was harmless! LOL. Thankfully, I haven't seen the snake again after that first day of digging. Yeah N. was extremely uncomfortable with the whole fishing thing. The kids loved it though. And I had fun taking pictures!

  2. Keep the blog alive! You are such a pro!