Saturday, May 5, 2012

Deliciously divine sweet potato mash curry

Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite vegetables ever. And when they are cooked with coconut oil something magical happens.

They turn divine.

This dish always makes me close my eyes and smack my lips.  

And the best part? Its super easy to make!

Most of the ingredients can be found at the International Grocery closest to where you live.

- 2 medium sweet potatoes
- 1 tablespoon edible Coconut Oil
- I tsp mustard seeds
- 1 tsp Black gram (Urad dal)
- 2-3 whole dried red peppers (more if you want to amp up the spice)
- 4 curry leaves
- 1/4 cup frozen coconut
- salt to taste

1. Wash and cut the sweet potatoes into 4 inch chunks and steam until soft. 

2. Peel the skin and keep aside.
3. In a kadai (Indian-style wok), heat the coconut oil. 

4. Add the mustard seeds. 

5. When they splutter, add the black gram, red peppers and curry leaves.

6. When the black gram turns golden, add the sweet potato chunks and salt to taste. Mix well. The chunks if steamed well should dissolve. Remove kadai from heat and place on the kitchen counter or island.

 7. Remove frozen coconut from freezer and defrost in microwave. Otherwise, plan ahead and keep it out an hour or two before you cook, so it defrosts on its own.

8. Add it to the sweet potatoes and mix well.

9. And there you have it: deliciously divine sweet potato mash curry all ready to be gobbled up.

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