Friday, June 1, 2012

150 hot samosas for Saturday's Spring Fair

My husband and I have promised to make 150 samosas on June 2. 

Yes. You read that right. One hundred and fifty to be exact. More if we can summon the energy. But 150 is a good number, don't you think?

We will spend tomorrow boiling pounds and pounds of Yukon Gold potatoes in their jackets, then peeling and sautéing them in fragrant Indian spices to make a savory filling. Then we will place them in the freezer until the next day, when we are ready to deep fry them in a borrowed commercial deep fryer, after wrapping each of them in a shell made of plain flour.

Are we insane? Probably. But its all for a good cause, so we don't mind.

Hopefully there will be tons of hungry customers willing to pay a few dollars for a couple of hot, made-from-scratch samosas.

So what's going on on June 2, you may ask. Why, its time to celebrate Spring!

We're making the samosas for Carbondale's Sixth Annual Spring Fair. This is an annual fundraiser hosted by Little Miss M's beloved Schoolhouse, The Dayemi Parent-Child Collective, an alternative to the mainstream approach of day-care and preschool, where we strive to create a natural, family environment for children that awakens the full potential of the whole child. 

The fun event raises funds and helps provide tuition-aid assistance for children who cannot otherwise afford the Collective .

Last year I had a ball making old-fashioned homemade signs which went up on various food stalls. Here are some samples:

Fun don't you think?

The kids played and ate and danced and sang and everyone had a blast. We all went home tired but happy.

So this year, we hope to recreate more of the same magic and will have live music, great food, kid oriented games and crafts, a pinata, a toddler area, salon where you can get your hair and nails done, face painted, henna and even a dunking booth!

We've booked a fabulous music line up with the Moccasin Gap, Bosco & Whiteford, Wiggle en Espanol, and more. This promises to be a really fun event for the whole family.

Add to that we are making sure everyone who attends goes home with a goody bag. The kids are going to really dig that!

And even better? You also get to win prizes from local businesses and participate in a silent auction with fabulous items ranging from pony rides, to acupuncture treatments, a Homeopathic constitutional, home made cakes to order, a custom painted adirondack chair, matching custom Mother and Daughter skirts, a Dayemur Herbals package, and much much more. 

If you're in Southern Illinois this weekend and have kids, make sure you come for our Spring Fair. Its on Saturday, June 2, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 
214 E. Jackson Street, Carbondale. See you there! 

Here's our official poster: And for those of you who don't know what a samosa is: I have this to say: Boy have you missed out! 

You just have to come to the Spring Fair on Saturday to sample some for yourself!

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